Top 5 Android Applications

Android is the latest trend in the mobile market and thousands of Android applications galore on the internet. Here we present you the best top 5 Android applications in the market-

1) Home security system Android app

Yes, you tell it, they have it. A home security system application may at first seem to be too good to exist for real but it really does exist. With these handy applications you can easily control and monitor your home's security and also you can receive the updates on your phone.

Many of these applications also come with alarming systems which can be used effectively via internet too.

2) Kindle Android app

The Kindle Android application can be used by you to read thousands of books on your phone. Also, the kindle application is not only compatible with the Android but the I-pod and the PC as well.

For most of the books you won't be required to pay a single penny. However, there are still many for which you may be needed to pay. You can browse all the available books from the Kindle store which contains around 1,000,000 books.

3)Facebook Android app

Well, when it comes to social sites, how can one not come up thinking of Facebook? For all the Facebook lovers, there is this Android application with the help of which you can stay connected to all your buddies all the time very easily.

The page layouts are superb and the navigation is also very smooth. It also supports multiple Facebook accounts and the switching is easy and convenient. You can update status, add friends, share gossip and stuff and do almost every activity which you could do through a PC. It is one of the most useful, if the not the best application indeed.

4) Microsoft Office Android app

Just when you think that you have got the best Android application, you get something like Microsoft Office Android application. This application surprisingly has a number of features and options to view your MS Word, PowerPoint or Excel files smoothly. However, if you use the demo version, you are not allowed to edit or create the files. In order to do that you'll have to buy the full version.

Apart from all these features, this application also allows you to download the files from the Google Docs directly and supports the password protected office files as well.

5) Recipe Search Android app

With the help of this online Recipe Search Android application you can search any recipe or the appropriate ingredients for your dish. You will get complete cooking directions for the dishes and the ingredients to be used as well.

It helps you cook your food efficiently and gives you tips on adding more flavours to it. You will also get special recipes for the diabetes patients as well.

Other features include bookmarks facility, sharing of the recipes on Facebook or Twitter, making shopping list, access to recipe related forums and communities etc.

With hoards of Android applications hitting market every day the list for best applications keep on changing on monthly basis. But these applications remain among the top popular ones by Android users.
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The Best in Android Applications

Android based phones are quickly becoming the top choice for mobile users. This OS have already attracted many users and continue to make buzz around. It is rumored to provide the performance and stability that even the iPhones have fallen short on. Another buzz word is application and believe it or not free android applications have given many a phone apps a run for their money. You can get everything from street directions to help on how to draw a manga or free manga comics via these amazing programs. Now let us discuss the best among this array of apps:

 Google Sky Map: There is nothing that Google can do wrong (fingers crossed) and its sky map is just over the top. Once downloaded, you can point your the phone to the sky and this app will show the stars, planets, constellations, and will even help you identify the celestial objects.

 Astro File Manager: This app lets you navigate through the Android file system; something along the lines of a windows style file explorer. It makes your handset work and navigate like a computer.

 Seesmic: The Android world is replete with many a Twitter apps. Though Twitter has launched a branded app recently, seemic has had some loyal followers and users. One of the main advantages of Seesmic is that it offers support for multiple accounts, it has a home page widget that shows latest tweets, and has an incredibly slick and professional design.

 Mobile Maps: It can be downloaded directly to your smartphone and helps you get free satellite navigation facility and images onto your Android devices. The app works like a SAT navigation device that is switched on with every turning direction. Your phone's GPS works by plotting the directions and the journey ahead of you as per traffic conditions.

 BeyondPod: This application integrates with the Android music player. It helps you find and manage audio and video podcasts. Though the base version is free. The premium version at $7 / INR300 provides better controls to update and manage subscriptions.

 Weather Channel: It offers accurate current conditions with extreme detail down to wind speed, humidity and UV index. Additionally, the Weather Channel's app also offers hourly and 10-day forecasts for planning ahead.

 Google Voice: It provides you a phone number that can ring at multiple places or devices. It allows you to access all of your voicemail and text messages over the Web. For people who need privacy, the app can also make outgoing calls such that the receiver gets only the Google Voice number and not your phone number.

 Advanced Task Killer: It helps you manage your apps to ensure that the performance or battery life is not hurt. It comes with a widget that you can tap once to kill all open apps. So simply put, it is an app to manage all your apps.

 Astrid: or Android's Simple Task Recording Dashboard maintains and follows up on to-do lists and helps you organize your life within the phone. It integrates cleanly into the Android interface, and can motivate you on your deadlines and give humanizing reminds.

Though the Android world is replete with apps for all occasions, one would still have to wait for something as phenomenal as online SEO tools or SEO web tools to strike the app world and take it by storm. Until then we will have to live by the aforementioned apps.
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Download Android Apps to PC

The long wait for playing Android Apps on PC  has become a reality with the help of a new software launch BlueStack. One can have the same look and feel of their android device on their personal computer or laptop. A small startup from California has developed a software pack that lets users download apps for pc. The company is founded by Rosen Sharma, a tech giant who is credited to many such good developments.  >

BlueStack, the company and the software with the same name, can let the user feel the experience of Android on PC with a full screen size monitor. It is fun to find your favorite application run on big screens. One can now download apps on pc  with the much-hyped software. BlueStack can be freely downloaded from the official website and gets installed on your local machine in just few moments. One can then downloads apps on pc  as one does with android market for android-based devices. 

One can download android apps to pc with the help of BlueStack. The most interesting part is that the app runs faster on pc than the android device, and that too on a full screen. After downloading the BlueStack, it gets on the top right corner of the desktop. It can be invoked by double-clicking the icon. Along with this, one can also use the Cloud connect to get the data and apps sync between the actual android device and pc. 

Anyone who considers themselves to be Android lover, BlueStack Android for windows is a must download for them. The software has already been downloaded over 550 thousand times in just 60 days period. The easy feature to download apps on pc  is n steady rise and will see a big market in the new future. With the possibilities of downloading android apps to pc and playing games in full screen is a major attraction for the android lovers. 

One will have to keep his fingers crossed for some time till BlueStack launches the official pro version of the software which is expected to be packed with host of other features. 

BlueStacks offers latest apps for your PC or desktop by which you can run android for windows which is compatible not only with windows but also for Mac OS. Now download apps for pc and enjoy the android fullscreen.
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Best Paid Android Apps

So below I have made a list of 5 of the Best Paid Android Apps. Many Android apps have both paid and free versions, the apps I talk about below are worth purchasing for the extra features. There are many more but these are my five favorite. So we will start off with saying that there are over 300,000 apps available in the Android Marketplace; with an estimated 10 billion downloads.

Top 5 Best Paid Android Apps

Lookout Mobile Security:

Lookout Mobile Security lets you also backup and restores your phone, provides Antivirus and phone location features using GPS and also can make your phone scream remotely if you think you lost it in your home. You can remotely wipe your phone if lost which is great to keep your information secure.
The basic features are available through a free version but the paid version protects phone with advanced security and privacy detection. It keeps your web browsing safe and also allows you to find a lost or stolen phone quickly.
The app is 2.99/month or 29.99/year.
Titanium Backup
The Titanium Backup will backup and restore all data on your phone, which is critical for today's mobile users.
Titanium Backup comes in both a free and paid version. The paid version gives you some more options. The Pro version allows Drop box sync, App Freezer and multiple backups.
The paid version costs $6.58 with a 5 star user rating.

Camera Zoom FX

A lot of Android smart phones have weak camera features, with Camera Zoom FX provides you with over 90 different effects.
Camera Zoom FX Lets you customize your phone buttons to handle different features.
This app costs $4.99.

Angry Birds

Angry Birds is an awesome game. It is available for free with ads and a paid version without ads.
This game speaks for itself.
This app costs $1.99

HD Widgets

HD Widgets is a universal app made for tablets and phones. It is considered the next generation of widgets, the app was designed with usability in mind, and everything is swipe able.
It has weather widgets and app widgets that were designed for high definition smart phones on the market today.
This app costs $1.99

Thanks for taking the time and looking at my review of the best paid android apps. Hope you found some use full information and it at the same time find an app you need!
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