Download Android Apps to PC

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The long wait for playing Android Apps on PC  has become a reality with the help of a new software launch BlueStack. One can have the same look and feel of their android device on their personal computer or laptop. A small startup from California has developed a software pack that lets users download apps for pc. The company is founded by Rosen Sharma, a tech giant who is credited to many such good developments.  >

BlueStack, the company and the software with the same name, can let the user feel the experience of Android on PC with a full screen size monitor. It is fun to find your favorite application run on big screens. One can now download apps on pc  with the much-hyped software. BlueStack can be freely downloaded from the official website and gets installed on your local machine in just few moments. One can then downloads apps on pc  as one does with android market for android-based devices. 

One can download android apps to pc with the help of BlueStack. The most interesting part is that the app runs faster on pc than the android device, and that too on a full screen. After downloading the BlueStack, it gets on the top right corner of the desktop. It can be invoked by double-clicking the icon. Along with this, one can also use the Cloud connect to get the data and apps sync between the actual android device and pc. 

Anyone who considers themselves to be Android lover, BlueStack Android for windows is a must download for them. The software has already been downloaded over 550 thousand times in just 60 days period. The easy feature to download apps on pc  is n steady rise and will see a big market in the new future. With the possibilities of downloading android apps to pc and playing games in full screen is a major attraction for the android lovers. 

One will have to keep his fingers crossed for some time till BlueStack launches the official pro version of the software which is expected to be packed with host of other features. 

BlueStacks offers latest apps for your PC or desktop by which you can run android for windows which is compatible not only with windows but also for Mac OS. Now download apps for pc and enjoy the android fullscreen.